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What is the IPA?

The International Police Association is one of the most unique and interesting social organizations in the world. This fraternal organization is dedicated to "unite in service and friendship" all active and retired members of the law enforcement service throughout the world. The IPA strives to enhance the image of the Police in its member countries, and to facilitate international cooperation through friendly contacts between police officers of all continents.

Membership now includes approximately 400,000  members in 61 nations and is steadily rising. Membership is open to any serving or retired Police Officer meeting the requirements as set out in the US. Section Bylaws. Membership is offered regardless of rank, race, sex, color or creed.


You must be an active or retired member of a local, city, state or federal law enforcement agency. If retired, retirement must be 20 years or more. If less than 20 years, retirement must be of a disability nature. Your status will be verified. 

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IPA Region 25
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Scottsdale, AZ

 A word about the R-25 logo.

Yep, that's Theodore Roosevelt on the horse. He was the only US president who was a cop. From 1895 to 1901 he rose from being NYPD Police Commissioner to the 26th president. He lived and worked in the east and west. One of his dearest friends was William (Buckey) O"Neill, former mayor of Prescott, AZ, and sheriff of Yavapai County.TR was the only US president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Medal Honor. President Roosevelt epitomizes the American spirit, and no better symbol can be found.

 BTW, the Theodore Roosevelt Trust still gives an annual  Police Officer of the Year  award.