International Police Association
Region 25



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The IPA is the largest Police Fraternity in the World  

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Come Join Us at Region 25



 Region 25 Offers:
Holiday Party
                                 Annual  BBQ                                     
Monthly Meetings/Events
We Donate to Worthy Police Related Charities and Causes
Members Volunteer for Police Related  Functions and Activities
                                      Regional Scholarships for members children                             


 IPA National Offers:
Trips/ Events

Regional Events Hosted by US Regions
 National Contacts
National Scholarships


IPA International:
IPA Houses (Lodging at Reduced Cost)
International  Contacts
International Scholarships 


Employment Opportunities


Stranded, Need help  outside
of the Region, we can help


These are but a few of the what the IPA Offers
Explore Our R-25 Web Site, the National, and
 International Web Sites to see for yourself
We at Region 25 are always open to new ideas
and input from our members

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